Consulting Services


Our goal is to help our clients achieve clarity in order to accelerate strategy to solve problems and improve performance.  Clarity positions clients to save time, resources and money by attaining results faster.

Our processes challenge conventional thinking to produce unique results that can be transformational, disruptive, paradigm shifting, and catalysts for change.

When Results Matter - GO BOLD

  • ISSUES MANAGEMENT:  The client needed to coalece an industry around a single strategy to raise the gas tax for the first time in 16 years.  Our solution was to build a broad based, outside-the-box coalition and create a non-profit foundation to develop and drive knowledge capital to better postion the issue.  Result: $2.3 billion in additional annual funding.
  • PLANNING:  A national organization was developing its new strategic plan.  We were engaged to bring disruptive thinking into the process. Our analysis and insight refocused the organization on improving organizational agility and listening more strategically to the voice of the customer.  Result:  Strategic front end brand enagements to build customer loyalty.
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT:  A regional hospital system needed to better connect with patients who were not repeat customers for its services.  We were retained to define the area of greatest opporutnity and develp a program to drive business.  Result:  A web-based program for building a "community of customers."