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Stakeholder engagement provides insights that foster strategic clarity, increase personal ownership, identify competitive advantage, promote knowledge sharing and innovation, and strengthen core values which support success at attaining your goals. 

Stakeholders should be an organization’s greatest asset. However, when not properly engaged, stakeholders can be its greatest challenges in implementing strategy and reaching goals. Stakeholder engagement defines readiness, builds trust, improves communications, manages risk, and saves time and money.  Massey Powell's client specific stakeholder engagement programs accelerate strategy by securing key stakeholders support and understanding.

Our Focus

Helping organizations plan, manage and implement strategy by building support internally, understanding externally and optimizing resource alignment behind your stated goals.

Dennis M. Powell
Dennis M. Powell, Founder & President

About Us

Dennis M. Powell began his career as a master educator.  Over the past 30 years he has used presentation, persuation and engagement skills to develop and customize programs for corporations, associations, and nonprofits.  The programs engage Boards, executives, senior leaders, strategic stakeholders, and key constituencies with the goal of joining them in purpose and aligning them in action. He has presented to international, national, and statewide organizations on issues management and social trends.  He is an opinion contributor at The Hill and public speaker. Mr. Powell honed his engagement skills as host of a nationally syndicated radio program.


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