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Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Strategic communications focuses on managing complex issues internally and externally to advance strategic goals.

Massey Powell engages develops and implements strategic communications and engagement programs to advance goals, achieve beneficial results and mitigate harmful outcomes. Our programs educate, inform, persuade, share perspectives, shape policies, build trust, expand support, nurture leadership and establish your public voice.

Our Focus

Advancing strategic goals by creating and disseminating content to achieve greater focus and alignment and build understanding and support for our client's strategy.

Dennis M. Powell
Dennis M. Powell, Founder & President

About Us

Dennis M. Powell has spent his career making complex information understandable.  He focuses on framing issues and developing of overall strategy by engaging with Boards, executives, senior leaders, strategic stakeholders, thought leaders, community groups, coalitions, influencers, elected officials and key constituencies to join them in purpose and align them in action. Mr. Powell has presented to international, national, and statewide organizations on issues management and strategic communications.  He is an opinion contributor at The Hill where he writes about political and social trends and was the host of a nationally syndicated radio program.


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