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Group Meeting in a Bright Office

Our approaches help our clients reassess what they already know, reexamine issues that have not been fully resolved, and discover questions not yet asked in order to better align an organization's people and resources behind problem solving strategies.

One Goal to One Plan

Healthy organizations engage their stakeholders.  Our educational and engagement programs are built on shared values and common goals to solicit a variety of perspectives, both internal and external, in order to promote understanding and build support.  Our engagement tools challenge existing thinking, generate new ideas and approaches, and bolster an organization's resiliency and sustainability.

Two Men in a Consultation
  1. Framing: Exercises that establish baselines from which discussion, engagement and meaningful interactions flow.
  2. Ideation: Challenging existing beliefs by presenting new information that empowers stakeholders to view issues through different lenses.
  3. Discovery: Tasks designed to facilitate the convergence of thinking around key issues.
  4. Problem-Solving: Group activities created to identify and explore available options and opportunities.
  5. Education: Structuring and delivering information to sharpen focus, improve alignment, and build support for action.
  6. Outreach: Engaging right-fit partners, who may be affected by decisions or initiatives, and inviting them into the process.
  7. Action Items: Identifying an issue's component parts and what actions and resources are needed to address each of them.
  8. Strategy: Organizing internal and external resources focused on achieving agreed upon goals and objectives.