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Our consulting focuses on advancing an organization's goals by engaging stakeholders, influencers, key constituencies and elected officials.

Three reasons to use strategic communications:

  • Educate and engage internal stakeholders on strategy, direction, tactics, opportunities or threats.
  • Influence unanticipated shifts in the external environment.
  • Create a unified strategic political response.

Strategic communications helps clients build consensus around policies and decisions, effectively manage power relationships, use resources more efficiently, and focus stakeholder influence and energy to more effectively manage issues.

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  • Issues Management: Applying the experience and knowledge gained from over 300 engagements at the national, statewide and local levels toward identifying, articulating and managing complex issues and organizing, focusing and mobilizing diverse constituencies to best position clients to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Public Relations: Leverage vast experiences in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to assist clients in the  development and implementation of communications, earned, paid, digital and social media programs, outreach and engagement strategies, crisis communications, crisis management, issues positioning, and building support and understanding externally.
  • Research: Qualitative and quantitative research to help clients understand how public opinion and public perceptions affect their organization and its issues in order to more effectively align and focus resources around a strategy to build understanding and support.