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We focus on improving organizational resilience by evaluating, stress testing, augmenting and creating plans of action to prepare for crises, manage issues and advance strategic goals.

Five Crisis Mistakes

  • No plan in place
  • Hoping crisis will go away
  • Misreading the severity of the crisis in the early stages
  • Underestimating the influence of viral mobs
  • Assuming goodwill is enough to protect you.

Failure to properly manage a crisis can damage reputation resulting in loss of business and decrease in value. In today's environment, social shifts and political trends can quickly change the environment in which you operate. Many of today's crisis are created internally and spread quickly using digital platforms. We help clients address complex business and social issues and evalute power relationships to position them to successfully manage crises internally, externally and politically.

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Crisis Plan

  • Perform Three Scans: 
    • Internal: Identify issues and vulnerabilities;
    • External: Understand support and opposition,
    • Political: Measure current capital and temperature.
  • Build the Plan:
    • Risk identification
    • Audience segmentation
    • Building a crisis team
    • Plan activation process
    • Communications vehicles
    • Key messages
    • Holding statements
  • Deliver Measurable Results
    • Coordinated resources
    • Designated responsibilities
    • Comprehensive plan of action