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Issues narratives create the storylines through which issues are framed, resources organized, opinion formed and strategy implemented.

Purpose of the Issues Narrative:

  • Educate and engage internal stakeholders.
  • Influence and manage shifts within the external environment.
  • Create a unified and strategic political response.

Issues narratives form the foundation of strategic communications helping clients build consensus, manage power relationships, and focus stakeholder influence in order to advance strategic goals.

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  • Issues Management: Content strategies that organize, focus and mobilize stakeholders and key constituencies behind a client's goals and objectives.
  • Presentation: Craft custom presentations using internal content and external resources to build understanding and support behind stratetic initiatives,
  • Training: Custom programs to engage Boards, senior management and key stakeholders buillt on content narratives and incorporating proven educational techniques to ensure more focused and coordinated responses.
  • Public Relations: Develop and implement internal and external strategic communications programs using earned, paid, digital and social media as well as crisis communications and crisis management.
  • Research: Qualitative and quantitative research to help clients better understand how public opinion, public perceptions and emerging social and political trends are affecting your organization.