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We work with senior leaders to understand goals and barriers to success. We then assess internal information to find patterns that identify new opportunities or reframe issues.  Lastly, we overlay social and political trends and research to determine the influence of external factors.


Change can be very disruptive, so we work with senior leaders to minimize its impact by engaging key stakeholders.  Our goal is to help clients move seamlessly from vision to strategy to buy-in.  This requires generating stakeholder inputs and promoting their sense of ownership throughout the process.  This heightens confidence that an organization is ready to effectively implement and accept change.  Our focus in on creating an environment where stakeholders feel they are free to innovate and safe taking risks to move an organization to the next level.

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  1. Management Consulting: Buy-in at every key level is essential. We work with leaders to set goals, frame opportunities, define barriers and engage stakeholders to help assure successful implementation and outcomes.
  2. Communications: Communication is the bridge between your organization and its stakeholders.  We help our clients develop and use information more strategically to engage, motivate, persuade and connect those who matter most an organization's goals and vision for the future.
  3. Strategic Planning: Action should flow from strategy.  We help organizations chart their future course by facilitating an inclusive strategic discussion with key stakeholders on what is possible to achieve and identifying what stands in the way of growth and success.
  4. Outreach: The personal touch is still the best, so we help our clients create effective narratives and outreach programs to engage targeted audiences and opinion leaders with the goal of consolidating or expanding your networks of support behind your vision and goals.
  5. Training: Change is a process not an event. Throughout the process stakeholders need continuous education to understand, accept and embrace how your organization is evolving. Training programs create ownership by challenging existing thinking, improving alignment, bolstering satisfaction and enhancing key employee retention.
  6. Research: We compile meaningful data researched from existing sources or design customer specific qualitative and quantitative research to build "knowledge capital" to support an organization's goals, increase its awareness of the external environment, and expand its capacity to engage in order to advance its goals and objectives.