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Group Meeting

We grasp the issues, recognize the problems,
and connect the pieces to position clients for success.


As consultants we help generate new ideas and new approaches by asking different questions. We work with senior leaders collaboratively to establish achievable goals and outcomes for stakeholder engagement.  Objectives can focus on problem-solving, framing threats and opportunities, strengthening internal alignment, identifying growth opportunities, competitiveness and innovation, change management, issue positioning, expanding influence, or building an external network of support.

We then assemble internal information, blend it with industry, social, and political trends, and overlay research data to create custom programs that solicit input, share information, manage perceptions, fine-tune expectations, integrate business strategy and support professional goals.

Group of people


  1. Management Consulting: Engaging senior leaders to identify and assess issues and opportunities and then collaboratively developing effective engagement strategies.
  2. Issues Management: Implementing strategies to solve problems and increase value based on what we have uncovered in our top-down and bottom-up engagements.
  3. Strategic Planning: Charting the organization’s future course of action by stimulating an inclusive strategic discussion on all that is possible to achieve and identifying what stands in the way.
  4. Custom Programs: Client specific programs that engage key stakeholders to achieve competitive advantage, improve internal alignment, bolster client satisfaction or enhance employee retention.
  5. Meeting & Retreats: Programs that challenge existing thinking, uncover new approaches, and frame opportunities by creatively involving stakeholders in a program where they claim ownership,
  6. Research: Data that is researched or created to support an organization's goals and increase its awareness of the external environment in order to better integrate the organization into the community.