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Group Meeting in a Bright Office

Our approach helps our clients reassess what they already know, reexamine issues that have not been fully resolved, and discover questions not yet asked in order to better align an organization's people and resources behind a comprehensive strategy.

One Goal to One Plan

Stakeholder engagement programs are focused on delivering, soliciting and refining information. They are built around proven educational techniques of inquiry, discovery, problem-solving, gaming, peer learning and group activities on a foundation of shared values and common goals. Programs are flexible enough to encourage both divergent and convergent thinking in an environment where stakeholders feel safe voicing their opinions. The goal is to enhance understanding, build support and challenge existing thinking by generating new ideas and approaches to improve an organization's resiliency and sustainability, so it is better able to accept, manage and embrace change. Below is a listing of some of the outcomes we provide through our stakeholder engagement programs:

Two Men in a Consultation
  1. Clarity & Insights: Engaging stakeholders to solicit multiple perspectives and to view opportunities through different lenses is the foundation of stakeholder engagement.
  2. Sharing & Trust: Creating an environment where stakeholders are free to voice opinions, challenge norms and respectfully disagree builds trust and promotes better outcomes.
  3. Agility & Innovation: Building confidence at every level of an organization in the decisions they make and the problems they solve is achieved by owning their processes.
  4. Planning & Strategy: Providing opportunities for stakeholders to help shape issues and define opportunity accelerates implementation and assures successful execution.
  5. Resource Alignment: Improving internal alignment of people and resources is a goal that maximizes efficiency by breaking down internal barriers to progress.
  6. Advocacy & Coalitions: Finding right-fit partners, who are affected by or can influence an organization's decisions or policy initiatives, outside of an organization and inviting them to participate is valuable component of a successful stakeholder engagement strategy.
  7. Action Items: Measuring success by breaking down issues and opportunities into component parts, creating and implementing strategies and monitoring progress keeps progress on track.